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Based in Charlotte, Vermont, Duker Bower  is a prominent New England painter / sculptor. He was born in Concord, New Hampshire in 1957.

His studio is a former one-room schoolhouse.​


Bower's work draws in part upon influences ranging from the

Western figurative tradition, American traditional and pop music, to issues involving technology,  reproduction, and distribution.   His images derive from life, his imagination, and all manner of visual cognates and are easily recognizable for their cool colors and figuration.


For guiding principles Bower mentions these: 


     "The highest function of art is to inspire."


       "Great paintings should be where people hang out. . . .  

        - Dylan


     "...the true function of art: to become the instrument of 

       transformation."   - Suzi Gablik


      "Art is an offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy."                    - Picasso

    "Art should be astonishing"  - Goethe  


    " art, none of the players knows for sure what the game is."

    - Peter Schjeldahl


    "Beauty and denial. The balms of life."  - Jason de Graaf 








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